Psychic Readings

What is a psychic?

A psychic is a term used to describe the abilities of individuals purporting to use their sixths sense (extrasensory perception) to uncover information or things that are hidden from the normal human senses. The abilities of some people to perform actions that may not be explainable using the natural laws can also be referred to as psychic abilities. The word psychic can also be used to describe individuals who perform these acts. Psychics usually believe that every individual possesses these powers and abilities. Further, they believe that through the study of the field, each and every human being has the ability to channel these powers for the better good.

A psychic reading on the other hand is the use of different senses to discern information about an individual, a situation or even an idea that may not be easily discerned using the normal human senses and perception.

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It uses different sensory perceptions including taste, instincts, smell, sight or what is referred to as heightened perception to gather the information. The psychic reading is usually used to predict the future or to gain closure on different traumatic past experiences and is given at a fee. The readings are common at psychic fairs and may be performed in person or through emails and telephone communication.

It is essential to note that scientists have little to no belief as to the existence of these abilities and powers and therefore categorise this practice as a pseudoscience. Their disbelief is majorly founded on the inability to replicate the readings in a controlled environment as well as the lack of factual evidence to back the practice. Besides this, the field has attracted numerous criticisms with some factions claiming that it uses treachery, delusion and manipulation to perform different acts.

Who would use a psychic?

Psychics are usually utilised by people who believe in the practice to either gain closure on past events or to map the future. However, some people may use a psychic out of curiosity and in a bid to determine whether it actually works or not. Others may use psychics for entertainment value.

Why would someone use a psychic?

There is a group of people that find psychic activities entertaining. They will therefore flock theatres and other entertainment joints to get a glimpse of different performances. However, there are those who believe in the practice and therefore seek psychic readings and advice to improve their lives.

What types of psychic is there?

Psychics can be classified based on the technique used to perform the reading or based on what is studied and used for a reading. They may include; aura readings, Astrology, cleromancy, cartomancy, numerology, lithomancy, tarot reading, palm reading, psychometric and Rune reading.

Some forms may include the use of tools and substances such as personal possessions of the individual obtaining the reading, stones, gems, water, a deck of cards, mats, cloths and so on. Irrespective of the use of tools or lack therefore, the uniting factor is that these readings are used to predict the future and may therefore inform the path taken by those who believe in the practice.